Friday, 11 April 2014

Once upon a time in my mind

Sometimes I do sketches spaced out and they may not be perfect and professional looking but they tell me about what I'm preoccupied about. ( most of the time).
This one, what I can read from it is,a startled confused woman, who's struggling to find who she is... Struggling with what she thinks society wants from her. The woman who would never go outside her door without any makeup on. Everything feels exagarated just by looking at her, just because this is how she truly feels. She cries alone, so lonely in her privacy because of all the pressure she feels to be perfect and then she puts on her makeup, her mask and walks amongst the population. She always feels inadequate so instead of showing who she is, she sells this perfect image she feels everybody needs to see. Without knowing it, she's destroying herself. 

Let's love ourselves just the way we are. Stand up for the person within and WIN.


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