Monday, 7 April 2014

Between Love and hate, lines can sometimes be blurry. In memorium ofall we lost in '94 genocide

After reading this article and looking at the pictures, here are my thoughts at the 20th commemoration of the  massacres and  genocide of Tutsis :

It is Hard to fathom but real... I feel deep down both people will always know. It's an understanding between souls that they know what happened but they choose to live, because otherwise it would be re living the events every day and nothing is worse than feeling that frightful gut feeling. Frightened that day would be your last. Or for the perpetrators side, being haunted by all those souls they murdered.

At the deepest of all of our heart, there is a little light called love. 

Rest in peace dear aunts, uncles, friends, dear ones. May you find a peaceful place to rest for eternity.

--- click on the link to read those poignant stories. Courtesy of the New York Times Photographs By PIETER HUGO

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