Friday, 28 March 2014

Blurred lines

I'm back. After a little over a year, I'm ready to write. When I started this blog I wasn't sure of the direction I wanted to take with my writing but now, it seems a little more clearer.
First order of business is changing my blog name. Why? Previous name was "ever so restlessly". I came up with this back when my mind was always restless. I found it intriguing, poetic, with a twist of dark sweetness... I Don't feel restless 80% of the time anymore so, new name. I'm happy to introduce "blurred lines". And no, this blog has nothing to do with Mr. Thicke, or naked girls, well maybe the last one... Who knows, I want a strong following and sex seems to sell right? Moving on...
The blog address is: "". For those who don't live in or know of cow town, CGY stands for Calgary. Obviously I wanted but of course it was already taken and yes it was about Mr.Thicke. I checked.

Good, since that is covered, I'm now going to do what every new blogger does... Well, I'm not new but I really haven't been into the blogosphere for a while, so for now let's say I'm new. Here goes..." I promise to post very often, several times a day if I can. I will bombard your mailboxes with exciting posts and details about my passions". This is always bull, unless the blogger in question is Perez Hilton. On a more realistic note though, I love to write, I express that way, ever since I could read and write, I always kept a diary. In my teenage years, this was more for keeping track of my hot crushes LOL, but really, writing has always been my to go to venting tool... Ask my boyfriend, he'll tell you this. When I met him 5-6 years ago(I'm a little iffy on the date details, oups) I used to write him letters, with a pen and paper. He will also tell you, when I'm angry and want to pick a fight, I will do it via text message even if he's sitting right in front of me. True story. So I will be posting whenever inspiration strikes or if I want to vent about something Kanye West did... It could be once a day or once a year...That said, I am not a professional. You will find syntax problems in my writing, errors, back to front sentences (I'm French, deal with it, please... See.. nicely asked..).
All this rambling to say, I love writing, I want to share my views, opinions, sarcasm etc with you so please bare with it and try to read till the end. Also if you don't mind, please share the post you like and I'll do you a favour in return. The small print here says no sexual favours, I'm practically married so don't go there.

I hope you will get my humour, and I encourage comments because I love feedback and conversations. I'm social, I'm an Aquarius.

Good night world.

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